Adwords: Update Destination URLS to Final

Updating destination urls to final urls in adwords could have been smoother. Here is the process if you are still having problems. If you don’t need advanced tagging do it through the web interface-not the editor. See instructions below.

One other comment. In Adwords editor the destination url and final url should switch places to make life easier. This is more of a request for Google. Good luck:

Upgrade Ads From Destination to Final URL

1. Log into
2. Go to Campaigns

3. Navigate to the Ads Tab without being in any particular campaign
4. Make sure Ads are on the view: “All but removed Ads”
5. Check off all the ads & click “Select all rows across all pages” (Select across all pages!)
6. Click Edit
7. Click Upgrade Destination URLs
8. Make changes
Upgrade Keywords
Follow the same steps as above except in step 3 – navigate to the Keywords Tab